This is my vanity page where I get to brag about the different projects I’ve either created or been proud to be a part of the project.


The Conversation

Brought a group of women together to find out what they wanted to talk about. Politics or not, their bodies, their lives, what wasn’t being said, what wasn’t being brought up that affected their lives. Spoken word, monologues, poetry, essays, they wrote and I wrote and we performed it live and put it live on Facebook for Swan Day. The first performance was in 2017 and we raised money for ArtReach and A Reason to Survive, in 2018 for El Nido, a transitional housing project for families surviving domestic violence and making new lives for themselves. We’re gearing up for 2020, big show, lots to say.


New Play Café at the San Diego Fringe Festival 2017

We were invited to participate and we brought Out to Lunch, featuring local playwrights including one from Playwrights Project’s Out of the Yard program. We had 5 playwrights and we invited other participants from Fringe to participate in our “Short Order Playwright” series where the audience suggested a place, time era and genre that our playwright then wrote a short play during our performance and then performed by our ensemble.



Black out! A new play for Young Audiences 2012

BlackoutDevised by Opehqueh founded by Marisol Best and Crystal Mercardo and funded by the San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Fund, this new play was developed specifically for Young Audiences. I had the honor of not only being a part of the creation and writing process, but I got to perform as one of the characters I helped create. The play is currently being revised but hopes to be in another form in front of audiences soon!