Published articles and interviews:

Cultural Italy – multiple blog posts and monthly newsletters

Interview with Arturo Galvez Yoga Teacher Magazine


Rebecca’s Last Day – 10 minutes (1) Female Age 30’s:  Rebecca’s last day involves boxing up her office to be shipped to the new accounting offices in India, and needs to make some last minute phone calls.  ScriptTeaser’s Contest of New Plays 2nd Place

The Writer- 10 minutes (1) Female Age 30’s (1) Male 30-40’s (1) Male 40-50’s: Emily desperately tries to finish her writing assignment this morning with no help from her ‘helpers’.  Semi-Finalist 10 by 10 Festival ArtsCenter Stage N.C.

Pickles – 10 Minutes (1) Female Age 30’s (1) Male age 50-60’s:  A customer that can’t be satisfied with what’s on the menu. Honorable mention Scripteaser’s Contest of New Plays

12 O’Clock Barbecue – 10 Minutes (2) Females (2) Males Age Late 20’s:  A deadbeat, absent roommate roommate, a mysterious phone call, and a barbecue that doesn’t
start on time. Produced at New Perspective Festival 2007, San Diego

Welcome Home – 90 minutes (1) Female 30’s (1) Female 20’s (1) Female 60’s (1) Male late 20’s: Nursing her wounds of career loss and relationship fiasco, Caroline returns home to find more discomfort between her family and her ‘possessed’ television set. Workshop production with New Village Arts/Playwrights Project 2013

The Gospel According to Jess – 90 Minutes (2) Female early twenties (1) Female late 40’s (2) Male late twenties (1) Male 50’s:  Jess can heal people, but can she heal the world without consequences. – in development


Marrying Age Webseries –  (1) Female Age 40’s (1) Female 30’s-40s (1) Female late 20’s (1) male 40’s (1) male 50’s (2) males 30’s: After 10 years together Andi and Michael decide to tie the knot. They’re in their forties, so what could go wrong? Preproduction looking for backers.

Complex Girls – The denizens of an apartment turned condo complex in Southern California have loads of time and bad ideas.

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