6/30 and 7/30 To catch up on writing poetry is like eating two sandwiches one for lunch tomorrow?


Either way it is

Toilet paper up or down
Hanging it still works

Ode to a Sandwich

(Maybe because I’m now gluten free/vegetarian
I have these longings for a sandwich
The bread is just not the same.
Not from what I remember.)

Oh Sandwiches.
Let me count the ways I’ve had you:
White bread, Safflower mayonaise,
fresh chicken breast, sliced tomatoes and lettuce from the garden;
Wheat bread, grilled cheddar cheese, tomatoes and onion,
dipped in tomato soup;
Rye bread, smoothered in 1000 island, swiss cheese, corned beef,
with saucraut dripping from the sides;
Whole wheat, strawberry jam, bananas, peanut butter,
honey drizzled between your layers;
Grilled wheat bread, slices of ham, jack cheese,
with sweet spicy mustard;
Sourdough with tuna, onions, tomatoes chopped finely
and melted havarti cheese.
French Roll with cranberry sauce between layers of fresh turkey,
lettuce and dashes of horseradish;
Kaiser Roll, juicy roast beef, cheddar cheese, onions,
and aujus on the side;
Perfectly powdered white buns with layers of cheese, grilled vegetables,
mushrooms and garlic aoli;
Although many make you, enjoy you, and delight in you, none of this
compares to the memory I have of you.

Published by

Jennie Olson Six

I'm an actor/writer who loves cats enough to become a crazy cat lady but my husband won't support my habit.

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