The Journey

So I embarked on this journey called The Artist is You Mandala Experience a couple of weeks ago.  My friend Cathleene is teaching this.  I went into this as a non-artist, meaning my creative expression doesn’t normally come into this arena (meaning paint, drawing, etc).  I don’t want to sound too airy-fairy about what this experience has been or what it is.   What I can say is that we start with some seated guided meditation and then let things come out as they come out.    Cathleene really keeps us stayed tuned into ourselves, where and what we’re feeling and keeps us on a path that I would describe as “stepping into the void.”  The picture on the left is the piece that I finished last week.  This came from nothing.  I didn’t know where it was going, or coming, I just went with it and stayed.  What has emerged has shocked me.    The two animals, a jaguar and a dragon, were not a part of the original thought.  They came as a result of the evolution of the piece.  There were “mistakes” that were then realized as not mistakes but what was to be this piece. 

These two animals, in viewed as totems, are very powerful signs.  So in my research of discovering what they mean, I’ve found a lot of information.  The Jaguar represents Shamanism , Intuition, psychic abilities, integration of spiritual beliefs and morals, while the Dragon represents Primordial Power, overcoming obstacles, courage, strength, and grounding.  I feel like because this was not forced, this project was very much a moment to moment exercise, that these symbols emerged because they needed to tell me something.  This is a piece that is now hanging on my wall and I will be meditating with.  The messages that I have found from these websites are resonating with where I’m at this moment.  Which is touching the deep of the void and finding out what’s there.  This is why I’m in this class and what is being called forth at this moment. 

I’m so excited….

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Jennie Olson Six

I'm an actor/writer who loves cats enough to become a crazy cat lady but my husband won't support my habit.

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