The condensed version

Last time we talked, it was before I went to Alaska.  If you want the idea of how it went check out the Fringe Board, yeah, they read my play.  I read some other wonderful plays for some talented playwrights.  I also got really sick.  Like food poisoning teeth chattering sick.  But life-changing, yes.  I came back with a different set of eyes and a different outlook on my career. 

Taking more time to write.  Less time to do the social media thing.  Which is why I’m opting for internet free weekends.  It’s still a little rough but I’m finding myself spending more time with friends and less time chasing down their updates and cute sayings.  I’ve cooked dinner twice for friends and actually written a rough outline for a screen-play, revised a couple of shorts and found more opportunities for work that pays and lets me do what  I love.  Yeah, bonus. 

A year ago, today, I said this quote along with some other stuff, in front of a bunch of people, to a person, and I meant every word I said:

“Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won’t adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is to sign on as its accomplice. Instead of vowing to honor and obey, maybe we should swear to aid and abet. That would mean that security is out of the question. The words “make” and “stay” become inappropriate. My love for you has no strings attached. I love you for free.”
Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker 

First year is paper.  Paper Covers Rock.   Enough said. 

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I'm an actor/writer who loves cats enough to become a crazy cat lady but my husband won't support my habit.

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