Actors Life: Reviewing for #Instanatural

Part of my life is pretty public. I have two websites and blog for both. I tend to blog about my product reviews on my yoga website as the products I mostly review about are healthy living, natural, etc. But I wanted to put this one here as it relates to my life as an actor performer.


I have gotten a lot of compliments on my skin over the years. And now that I’m aging a little more than I’d like, it’s taken some getting used to about what I need now versus ten years ago. In the past few years, my skin has gotten a lot drier, harder time sloughing off dead skin cells, and the oh so not great spots have started to surface.

This product, which I got for the shipping costs, is really nice. It’s a big container and a little goes a LONG way. SO, if you’re going to get this, the pump puts out a big amount. Do half a pump. It will completely cover your neck, decolletage, face, etc. Here is a link to purchase the product:

Why this relates to this site and not my other site is that skin care is SO IMPORTANT. If you are in an industry with long hours, little sleep and heavy cosmetics, this is going to show up on your face. I’ll talk about the nutrition side of things later, but for me, I need to take care of my skin daily.

This company InstaNatural, has a great line and fairly inexpensive. I would highly recommend investing in something that you don’t have to pay that much attention to, it works, a little goes a long way and you can travel with. I’ve reviewed a few of their products and the sizes are very generous, lasts for months. And I use their products in the morning and at night. You are worth the investment!

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