24Hour Trip #24hrtripper

#24HrTripper The 24 hour Trip



We got away for 24 hours. It was wonderful. It felt longer. I don’t undervalue a real vacation at all, but I think that I put so much emphasis on THOSE trips when I actually need a little break from reality right NOW! And 24 hours can do it.

What we did not do was:



Overextend ourselves

What we did do was:

Have a few ideas

Make two reservations, one for a hotel and another for a meal

Took lots of pictures

Allowed for space for exploring and spontaneous fun

And it was.

So I am going to blog about these adventures in hopes that it will inspire some of you to do this.

When you need to reset, renew and get a little perspective, consider a 24 hour trip.

But let me know, what do you want to hear about? How to plan one? Maybe what you should or shouldn’t try to do? Doing one on a budget?

Let me know in the comments!

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