Sorry it’s been a while. My husband would ask if I’ve waited 15 seconds before I told you “I just got back from Milan.” Because it was all I could talk about for about two days. Well…

Brera District, Milan

So I just got back from Milan.  And Lake Garda. Could I fall in more love with Italy? Yes. This was a very quick trip, fit in lots of things in 4 short days…WHY do you ask, well I only had 4 days, it was a tourism trip and I squeezed it in. Was it worth the 14 hours each way to fly in 5 days. Yes. Absolutely yes.

When I was a little girl I would watch all the Fashion shows on Canadian television, long story but yes, I would watch them every Saturday or whenever they were on. I watched the long lines of models with all of their precision cat-walking and dream of someday going to Milan or Paris for Fashion Week.

We left Milan the day Fashion Week was starting. The energy of the city was shifting. Photographers and models started cropping up all over the city. From what I’m told, it’s incredible but also incredibly expensive to be there. The prices go up for every hotel. But if you get into the parties, you’ll eat your way through the pain.

Fashion week taxis outside Teatro alla Scala

It was a dream to be there. And to shop there. And to drink myself full of as much coffee as possible, that is going to have it’s own blog post soon. I’ll be blogging more about this on the Cultural Italy website. But for now I leave you with some pictures. And my little girl was delighted. She’s still smiling.












Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
Viktor E. Frankl

I find myself with the need to create space for things.  And they’re good things.  Like my life.  Life events, experiences and adventures.  It’s been a long time coming.  I have finally discovered that while multi-tasking enables me to do a lot of things, it doesn’t always enable me to complete them fully with the attention and care they deserve.
So my list got a little smaller.  These are big ticket items.  They can’t be weighed lightly.  They are the expression of my soul’s calling.  
Sometimes you have to choose….it’s thinking that the choice is limiting somehow that diminishes our choices.  But truly, if I believe in an abundant and ever present universe that is constantly conspiring to give me all that I truly desire, then how can I choose poorly?  
I just made a smaller list.  
They’re big things.
I just want to accomplish them fully, without missing a moment…