Two more times

How to describe last night:  At a certain point I was watching a play happen on stage and it was like I was watching someone else’s play, in the sense, I got caught up in watching the play.  But it was my play.  And I wrote it.  And these actors, that made choices that took risks and got vulnerable and showed me different pieces of the puzzle that made up Lavinnea, Caroline, Amy and we’ll call him SteTVHew, WOW!!!  And the people that came, it’s nice to have some in the audience that DIDN’T know me but came out to see this.  And the people that did come out to support that do know me or some of the other creative wonderful people that have been key in making this happen THANK YOU!!!  2 more times, tonight at 8, tomorrow at 2, $10 buys you a ticket in advance.  Thank you.