#POETRY Happy Easter

Candy-filled, hollow chocolate bunny, peeps, rabbit-poop jelly beans.
Easter outfit. 
New shoes.  Dress. Usually floral.  Sometimes white.
Easter Hats.  New outfits.  Long sermons.  Boredom. 
Maybe sun.
Maybe rain.
Easter Egg Hunt.  Pretty hard boiled yuck.  Plastic-filled goodness.
Japanese Cherry-Blossoms.  Daffodils.  Pansies.  Easter-Lily.
Ham.  Potatoes.  Salad.  Easter candy dessert.
Childhood. Family. Rituals.
Liberation.  Freedom. Relief.
Forgiveness.  Release.  Absolve.
Into Something Else.
Phone Calls
I am not sure about you.
Nor sure why you are really calling.
But it is good to hear your voice.
But I hesitate. 
Blood relations are complicated.
And non-blood history makes it ever so twisted. 
But still, it is good to hear your voice.
Phone calls make it convienient for those who
Do not wish to traverse miles to see one another
And for those who can’t really bring themselves
Face to Face with their failings. 

Published by

Jennie Olson Six

I'm an actor/writer who loves cats enough to become a crazy cat lady but my husband won't support my habit.

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