Comfort #NaPoWriMo14

comfort creamy dark coffee slow start saturdays warm covered sheets soft stirring sounds peaceful paced walk symphony of life nature's beauty abounding momentary awareness gratitude.

5 stupid poems

Writing FailWriter's Blockleads to pounding head on keyboardinsane debates between the voices in my headand full fetal positionyeah.....let's keep doin' that.TurtleWhat is most unfortunateis that I was not born with a shellto pull my head and body intoto hide from that which threatens me.Instead, I was born with soft skinthin in places and bruises easilymy …

NPM 7 of 30 8 of 30

To A New Terrain This shifting speechlesstearing new path left behindall I didn't need.Chicken BonesThe reminder ofthere was a living beingyou tore through and ate.

National Poetry Month 4

Morning MeditationSitting for peaceful purposes,I am flooded by the painof what we do to each otherand what we do to ourselves.I am reminded of the ideathat evil is just the absense of goodand that we have forgottenthat we are the ones we are looking for.If God is a reflection of the eyes I am looking …