#POETRY Happy Easter

EasterBaskets.Candy-filled, hollow chocolate bunny, peeps, rabbit-poop jelly beans.Easter outfit.  New shoes.  Dress. Usually floral.  Sometimes white.Church.Easter Hats.  New outfits.  Long sermons.  Boredom.  Maybe sun.Maybe rain.Easter Egg Hunt.  Pretty hard boiled yuck.  Plastic-filled goodness.Flowers.Japanese Cherry-Blossoms.  Daffodils.  Pansies.  Easter-Lily.Dinner.Ham.  Potatoes.  Salad.  Easter candy dessert. Memories.Childhood. Family. Rituals. Resurrection.Liberation.  Freedom. Relief.Re-born.Forgiveness.  Release.  Absolve.Ascension.Into Something Else.Phone CallsI am not …

#POETRY 6 of 30

ObstaclesIn a strange mix of common numbers and fondness for all things verbose we intertwined.You started showing me the shards early on.A blanket of ocean sized love could not put out the fireworks that light up and burned the ground of a rational human being when the flint accidentally got ignited.  These are the scars …

POETRY 4&5/30

Emergency #1They say don't try thisat home but some can't resistthe need for stitches!Emergency #2Noodles falling downover clean floors please don't feedant infestation.

#POETRY 2/30 "Grace"

I looked up Wikipedia for the definition of grace.Looking up things in Wikipedia is usually a mistake.But I needed some reassurance so I went to the online dictionary And it came out a little something like this:Elegance or beauty of form, action, manner or motion; a pleasing or attractive quality, favor or goodwill, a manifestation …

Other people’s poetry

Mary Oliver her poetry is a gifthere is one of themPhoto: Unique Photography Concepts dot com The Uses of Sorrow (In my sleep I dreamed this poem) Someone I loved once gave mea box full of darkness.It took me years to understandthat this, too, was a gift.