National Poetry Month begins Today!

And so it begins....enjoyOutside my doorthe fragrance of flowersthe buzzing of small bees enjoying their nectarthe chirps of birdsthe signs of spring.Noticing these I am contentwith what the world is offering:this moment.


<!--[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]--> Twenty-OneI just got started:Community college class-loadPart-time employedStarving student vegetable rice dinnersCheap tennis-shoesGrowing out dyed hairRetro-fied hippy wardrobeMinimum payment on maxed out credit cardsRunning slippery rain hillsBoyfriend at the 4-year universityPush start Volkswagon Super-beetle.I went on to waste my time in various ways,70's disco themed parties,Hippy to office appropriate to yoga cultureMoving …

#POETRY "To the Maidens"

To the Maidens;You less than skinny,stockings runned, pock-marked, less than perfect beautiesYou who can not compete with airbrushed liesBut live full out in your speckled skin wonderWorsened by the unknown chemicals in foodSupposed to feed but poisoning us.Those earned feathery eyesSparkling behind oceans of tears,Shed in moments of pain or joyThey do not compareTo the …

#Poetry so far behind I don’t know where today will land

SixteenWe've been here beforeand yet we repeat the same wordshoping they'll mean something elsebut their truth holds strongerthan those items on the old crazy glue commercials.And all those needs for normalall those holes trying to fillwith cigarette smoke and clairol hair dyeshort skirts and big haironly further pollutes the environment,kills the fish and the river …

#POETRY 15 of 30

FrostingBirthday partyFriendsBouncing Baby BoyFrench onion dip deliciousnessBirthday candles never litFreezing in Southern CaliforniaWaterBadmintonWandering mallardsBocce ballsWomen talkingBrilliant IdeasWords of WisdomBarbecueWindNo one lit themselves on fireNo one shot their eye outNo one got food poisoningNo, it was a good day.

#POETRY Day 11 of 30

To the Self-Proclaimed Wine Steals Whore:You may make out with them in the parking lot,Share wine and tales in the same room as some of your former consorts,But unless they see you for the diamond you areTell them to pay their own damned cork fee!

#POETRY 9 and 10

Tuesday Morning BluesGoing for that big long driveMight be the wrong town....AntsI guess you thought thatOccupying my kitchenWouldn't make me mad...