National Poetry Month Take 2 and 3

So I’m kind of using nature so far to create.  This poem was inspired  by this video

Once, we didn’t fly.
We looked up and saw birds
and wondered how they got there.
We dreamed of flying,
knowing things went up into the air and fell back down to the earth
sometimes harshly.
Our curious natures kept us wondering
until we starting noticing
thinking, believing, and experimenting
until the day came that we learned we could fly too
a seemingly impossible task
left to our wonder and amazement
until the day came when we learned how to do it
like all of the other things
we came to believe in the impossible
until it became probable
into reality and being
which leads us all to wonder
what is next.

Black Crow
You wander in the woods of our culverts
pecking at your treasure, our trash
curious as to it’s reliability as food
wondering who else might steal it.
Shiny black, eyes peering,
not really looking at me but aware
coveting your 7-Eleven slurpee cup
hopping to it’s movement in the grass
protecting your find.
When we are all gone
will you be better off without us?