red #NaPoWrMo2014

rednot a colorbut an energypulsatingvibratingit's own sourceit's own meansit existswants you to knowregardless if you believeit's herenot leavingstayingpulsatingin your viensyour heartyour soulletting you knowit existsyou existlive live liveits sayslive live livetake a breathlive live livethere is something beyond this bodythe vehicles that got you herethe memories the pain the tearsnone of it is realexcept this …

Moonshine #NaPoWrMo2014

A day of dreamingwhat would become of usafter the moonwe all looked updrunk on it's gloryin our collective wonderand amazementof life's mysteriesscience explainedbut yet we lookand wonderif it means something more.

Comfort #NaPoWriMo14

comfort creamy dark coffee slow start saturdays warm covered sheets soft stirring sounds peaceful paced walk symphony of life nature's beauty abounding momentary awareness gratitude.

Today #napowrimo

Today Felt long and sad Not sure why then conversations no one wants news flashes no one wants to see someone's days end. Today was not a great day. Next time I won't second-guess myself when feeling so sad wondering why I'll know it's coming...