Comfort #NaPoWriMo14

comfort creamy dark coffee slow start saturdays warm covered sheets soft stirring sounds peaceful paced walk symphony of life nature's beauty abounding momentary awareness gratitude.

Today2 #napowrimo

Today well slept coffee brewed magic delightful thoughts healing no analysis necessary time spent wisely in the present.  

21 Days of Gratitude

I saw this video yesterday as a part of a meditation series I'm participating online. It really changed how I felt and so I share the video with you. You can participate for free, in the 21 Days of Gratitude Series here.


We'll start at the end of the journey: the last sunrise at the Point, where we would all practice qigong and then walk back to the Hale and practice together for the last time on this journey. The tears flowed at the end of this practice, it would be saying farewell for now to some …

National Poetry Month begins Today!

And so it begins....enjoyOutside my doorthe fragrance of flowersthe buzzing of small bees enjoying their nectarthe chirps of birdsthe signs of spring.Noticing these I am contentwith what the world is offering:this moment.

Butter on Saltines

"Don't judge me" I said as I mucked my way through the kitchen.  "Don't tell me what you're doing because I'm dying to know" replied my uber curious and impatient husband.  Taking out the box of gluten free table crackers and smearing butter across them I returned back to write this.  My grandmother, Ruth, used …

On Living

Once I was small, bornpushed into this worldand someone cared for mefed, changed, clothedmade sure I was warmloved the best that they coulduntil I was able to do it myself.First movingfingers, hands, seeingthen the many movementswobble, then small stepsuntil run, leap, turnall in the many ways to live this life.Frustrated at how time can stand …