The Sum of All Years

fierceI got this fantastic idea from Bonnie Gillespie whom if you don’t know and you’re an actor trying to work, you need to just go down the rabbit hole of her website and all she offers.

The Sum of All Years is a writing exercise in which each year of your life is described in the number of words for that age.

For now this is the past three but I would like to do this for each year and if I do, I will update this post!


Learned to slow down the hard way.

Surgery. PT. Weight gain and loss.

Healing is never ending.

Gave myself opportunities to grow and others followed suit.

Directing. Producing.

Stopped taking shit (see healing)

The compassion I cultivate must be for myself first.

Fully focused.



Financial freedom is attainable.

Sometimes you have to say no and goodbye forever.

Boundaries are not meant to be broken.

Fringe. Laughter. Friendship. I got your back.

Pismo Beach. Jeff getting married. Indy Film. Webseries.

There is so much I have to offer.


Calendar Girls and taking sexy back.

Learning the painful truth about teachers is key to evolvement.

Yoga Journal Conference, old and new friends.

Some people have sad endings and there’s nothing you can do about it.

After Holiday travel magic in Vancouver.

simple sexy food part i

As my husband can attest, I can come up with some really delicious things to eat.  When I was a vegetarian, I ate so many salads that I almost never eat raw vegetables anymore. And they don’t always make things so sexy later. But this recipe incorporates raw and cooked, so things are a little more, yummy…

This recipe is simple, easy and all of the ingredients can be purchased at Trader Joes. If you follow this recipe, it makes about 4 servings and they run about 450 calories each. Yeah.

Sexy Veggie Wraps

1/2 package Firm High Protein Tofu cut into strips

Brown Rice Tortillas

3 TBSP Peanut Butter

1-2 tsp of Chili Sauce depending on how hot you like it

Red Bell Pepper

1/2 Red Onion

2 Tbps Olive Oil




Sauce: Take the peanut butter and chili sauce mix together. Add more or less chili depending on how spicy you want it. Set it aside.

Heat olive oil in pan. Saute chopped Red Bell Pepper and Onion, you can add salt if you want, saute until soft then place strips of tofu in and begin to brown in pan.  Once they’re almost done take them off heat. Heat up the Brown Rice Tortillas, they work better warm and when almost finished, spread your sauce mixture on the tortilla in the middle. Add the sauteed vegetables, 1/4 of the avocado, lettuce and sprouts. Wrap, and enjoy.



Thank you Theresa for this forwarded email – it’s for us all

Pass it on-not sure who wrote it but it’s powerful!

It’s your life.
Are you living boldly?
Or are you playing it safe?
Safe is risky. Safe is an illusion. Safe is death.
Whose life are you living? Yours or someone else’s?
It’s your life. Not your parents, brothers, cousins, friends or neighbors.
We are constantly bombarded by the media and sold the lie: “Who you are is not enough!”
We are taught to fit in. To play it safe. To seek approval. To be realistic. This process begins from the moment we are born. We are told who we need to be in order to get love and survive. We learn to play “The Game.” But ironically the better you play the game; the more you lose … YOU.
Conform: Don’t make too many waves. Hold back your full self-expression and authentic truth, so that you can be popular.
Settle: Staying in relationships that don’t light you up because it’s safe and comfortable, so that you have security and won’t be alone.
Be practical: Don’t pursue your dreams and true passions. Be realistic and responsible so that you don’t look like a fool in society’s eyes.
Don’t be too happy: If you’re too happy (especially for no reason) people get irritated, so only allow the minimal amount.
Life is short and before you know it, it is over. The real question is not “When will I die?” but “How will I live?”
When you get to the end of your life will you be able to say that you lived fully, and did all you dreamed to do, or will you be filled with regret?
Did you lick every ounce of bliss out of life?
We glorify saints, but they live in remote lands. We glorify the angels, but their feet do not touch the ground. We glorify superheroes, but they’re not real. It takes true courage to be in this life, with all its mess, it’s ups and downs, light and dark, sweetness and bitterness. It takes courage to be who you really are. Perhaps this is why so many of us turn away, and settle, opting for safe lives of soul-numbing superficial satiation. It’s easier to stay skeptical, be jaded, live in the mind, hide behind sarcasm and erect walls of defensiveness. Sadly, it’s easier to play small and protect ourselves from the disappointment of living full out, with all its risks.
Even to the extreme, my friend, when you display great feats, it doesn’t take real courage to firewalk, skydive or climb a mountain. It really doesn’t. It takes courage to be honest with yourself and speak your truth to those around you.
It takes courage to face your addictions, and get help.
It takes courage to reach out and risk vulnerability in love.
It takes courage to pick yourself up off the floor after rejection or failure.
It takes courage to humble your ego, give up defensiveness, and simply say, “I’m sorry.”
It takes courage to open your heart and love, after your heart has been broken or betrayed.
It takes courage to forgive, even when you know that you’re right.
I say it takes real courage to be who you REALLY are.
What is it you really want to be, do, say, live and express?
Dive in.
Do it.
Climb it.
Kiss more.
Say it.
Travel it.
Let it.
Seize it.
There comes a moment in your life when you just have to say the 2 magic words!
Be bold. Be you. Go for it.
Say it. Loud……………..
“F&%k it!”