Your life here #napowrimo14


you’re not here long enough

to spend enough days laughing


eating watermelon and icecream

see birds flying

blue skies

rain clouds emptying their bounty

raw enough to feel each moment

slip by knowing

you do not get out alive

and neither does anyone else

these moments

slips of time

we spend with each other

holding hands

sometimes clenched teeth

bruised hearts

it will all end someday

and we’ll miss the moments

we spent in furious rage

lamenting over something so painful

and yet now so insignifant

do we get to take another breath

do we get to wake tomorrow

do we get one more chance to make it right

do we get to say good-bye

the way we want to

and most of the time no

it burns in hearts

makes it seem like we could almost bleed to death

from tears lumped in throats

we do not get to escape this pain of living

but we get to choose

what we lean into

in our moments we have left


red #NaPoWrMo2014


not a color

but an energy



it’s own source

it’s own means

it exists

wants you to know

regardless if you believe

it’s here

not leaving



in your viens

your heart

your soul

letting you know

it exists

you exist

live live live

its says

live live live

take a breath

live live live

there is something beyond this body

the vehicles that got you here

the memories the pain the tears

none of it is real

except this pulse

this vibration

this being


is you

and you are beyond all of these things

and you are beyond all of these things

and you are beyond all of these things

you are made of this


this red

this energy

this pulsation

this vibration

this beat

this flow

this now

this you



to do what you came to do.