A new blog

Cheers to finding my space and deciding upon a url.  Yes, it was a decision.  For one, why?  After multiple email addresses, business start ups, websites, user names, etc I decided to make things mine by literally putting my name on it.  Calling it mine and having my name on it to me means there’s no mistaking who this belongs to or who is providing content.  Secondly, I am tired of checking old addresses or explaining what certain things mean or meant.  Jennie O Six is my name, period.  So onward we go. 

Out with the old – in with the new?

One Love Newsletter 2011
As I reflect back on the past year there are more than a few things I’ve learned:

1.  I can do a lot.
2.  I get burned out doing a lot.
3.  I don’t have to do everything.
4.  Sometimes opportunities arise and I don’t necessarily have to take them.
5.  I would rather have peace that be “productive.”
6.  I don’t know when my last good-bye to someone is.
7.  I make up the rules most of the time and then I have to live by them.
8.  If I want more time with my friends or family, I have to give up something else, and this shouldn’t be a hard choice.  Either way, I win.
9.  Maybe if I make my list smaller, I’d allow myself the opportunity to fully and completely dedicate myself to a task and feel more confident about my choices.
10.  Maybe if I look at my choices, I’d feel more confident about my life.
11.  Maybe if I feel confident about my life, I don’t have to question my choices.
12.  If I believe in a universe that has a certain order to it and is constantly adjusting to that order, I wouldn’t question those weird instances but look at them as “adjustments” to bring about a change.
13.  Maybe I could stop questioning the process and trust more.
14.  If I trust more, peace is in the process.

15.  This list could go on forever but it won’t.

Happy New Year.

When you have come to the edge of all the light you have
And step into the darkness of the unknown
Believe that one of the two will happen to you
Either you’ll find something solid to stand on
Or you’ll be taught how to fly!

—Richard Bach


If you haven’t been tuned into any media resources, John Lennon would have been 70 this year.  Reflecting on his life has been much of the focus and I don’t want to repeat a lot of what has already been said for the sake of writing about John Lennon.  But in my own reflections about it, I discover some wisdom for myself.

Back before I was born, Lennon was spending time promoting peace in a time where the concepts and his actions were largely looked at radical, subversive and even threatening to some.  The concept of peaceful protest and even cultivating larger ideas of world peace are often ideas that are met with violent opposition.  When I am reminded of places like Burma, China and Tibet, places where people have sacrificed their lives trying to promote radical ideas like Democracy and peace, I am humbled.   In my infinite freedom here, am I doing the best I can to promote or cultivate a better life for all? 

Some choose “radical” paths.  Others choose to cultivate peace within.  But regardless of anyone’s path, it’s only my place and my path that I get to choose.  Would I rather respond with anger today or understanding?  Would I rather focus on the differences in the “other” or cultivate our similarities?  Am I judging someone’s actions to feel better about myself or can I put myself in their shoes for a moment.  Can I spend some time imaging a better world for all or just spend some time lamenting and wailing against the “opposition?” 

While I may never sing a song that inspires the world around me to cultivate some different ways of thinking, I can work on cultivating my own different ways of thinking.  I too, can be a radical, but not for the sake of being a radical, but being a better human being. 

Graphic Credit:  Kevin Boyd