6/30 and 7/30 To catch up on writing poetry is like eating two sandwiches one for lunch tomorrow?

6/30Either way it is Toilet paper up or downHanging it still works 7/30Ode to a Sandwich(Maybe because I'm now gluten free/vegetarianI have these longings for a sandwichThe bread is just not the same.Not from what I remember.)Oh Sandwiches.Let me count the ways I've had you:White bread, Safflower mayonaise,fresh chicken breast, sliced tomatoes and lettuce from …

Poem 4/30

TrustNatureConnectedSureSourceTimePatienceWaitingWillingYesBeingAliveStillSoftPauseLanded on fingerTentativeCautiousWillingNatureYesComposedFlurryFeathersAliveLiveFlyWindWingsKnowingBeyond knowledge experienceChord of BeingAliveYesMoreYesFriendYesWeYesConnectedYesThe picture above is a friend, whose husband patiently took this picture to not scare off her friend that is a big blue Scrub Jay who comes to eat peanuts from her hand.

Ideas for Peacemaking – as taken from the Peace Alliance Newsletter

Three Suggestions for Peacemaking in Your Own Life If you have any internal judgements of anybody, politically or in your life, notice any judgments of “wrong or bad.” Then connect, “what are the deeper needs of mine behind those judgements?” When you have disagreement with what others are saying (with politicians and media pundits, for …

Rolling with the waves

If change is inevitable, then why do I panic sometimes?Einstein spent about 7 years struggling with failed attempts and dead-ends. Why is it when we "fail" at something that it can become a stuggle to keep our chin up.Can we learn from our mistakes? Or can we view them differently.

Bringing balance

This afternoon I practiced the first in the Ashtanga series with Jennifer.It's the first time this class is offered.It's not my first time doing Ashtanga.  I practiced for a bit in 2006.   I went to classes and tried to practice at home.   My monkey-mind would not take it.  I didn't understand the dedication to the same …