Venturing from the couch

So the new year brought many things.   I had the wonderful opportunity to be on the stage again for a too short venture but it gave me the wonderful gift of inspiration and gratitude.  Gratitude that it reignited that desire.  I found myself in a process that looked like this:  4 days on, 3 days off, 7 days straight of rehearsal into performance.  I found myself going to the theatre every day thinking “I really just want to do this, all the time.” 
But the other thing the new year brought was this cold/flu/whatever it is make it go away thing.  Literally Jan 1st, I was outside at a party making a vision board and when it got cold, my throat got sore.  Had to go straight into tech and opening, got better but still had this nasty cough, that didn’t really go away after we closed, migrated into an ear infection and is now a sinus thing with a cough.  It’s January 23rd, and it’s time for you to go.  I have armed myself with a neti pot and plenty of tea.    But what this thing brought was how to care for myself better.  How to slow down and do what’s necessary and not everything else on the list.  Including a yoga practice.  Down dog with an ear infection, oh not so much.  But meditation, breathing, with or without the nose,  that’s what’s available.  And funny, most of the philosophy has nothing to do with a physical asana practice anyway.    So today, I actually did a light practice before teaching, and returned to the couch. 
Speaking of the couch, my friends in the Pacific Northwest are still shoveling their way out of their snowstorm.  My mom took pictures and sent them to me.  I love snow.   Everything about it.  If I had my wish, I’d spend about a week just hanging out and watching the snow fall.  And then I’d venture quickly back to San Diego and the warmth (or current lack thereof).   An interesting way this year has started, I guess it’s time to slow down and enjoy the ride.