Susan Foxley Coming to San Diego

Susan Foxley is coming in June to do a workshop in San Diego for us.  Coming from the LA area, she is a life coach, yoga teacher and massage therapist.  I have been subscribing to her blog feed for a while.  You can connect to it here.  I find her simple yet effective suggestions for living life on life’s terms to be insightful and authentic. 

I find that often times I am overwhelmed with the amount of information that comes to me, hundreds (wish I was exaggerating don’t ever give your email out to a bridal show) of emails, blogs to be read, books to read, programs and movies to watch.  I am looking forward to an afternoon that doesn’t require any of those things. 

Moon Days – A Yoga Holiday

In my own practice or my own experience of life, I’ve noticed, perhaps a coincidence or not, that when the moon is full things happen.  When I worked as a waitress on the Full Moon, we would know that there would be unusual circumstances and unusual people.  People would come in and we’d be quite convinced that perhaps they came from another universe.  It would be people that we never saw before and never would see again.  

In the Ashtanga tradition, there is no practice on Full or New Moon days.  The theory behind Full moon is that the gravitational pull is stronger and we are affected by this pull, in ways of being less grounded, more headstrong.  On New Moons, our energy is lower.  As I don’t always pay attention to my inner signals, this year I may pay attention to these days and perhaps not practice if that opportunity avails itself to me.  But as tomorrow brings two classes to teach in the morning, I may pay attention to my students and see if any of this corresponds.

As we approach the Winter Solstice, which also coincides with a lunar eclipse, I wonder what things may come.  The next 48 hours should be enlightening….

The alchemy of yoga

I read this article written by Tim Miller, a well-respected and devoted Ashtanga teacher in Encinitas. 
In the article, he talks about the transformative power of the Ashtanga yoga in terms of asana practice and describes pretty clearly the eight-limbed path or philosophy of the Ashtanga system and how they are intertwined.